The victims of family abduction

Sometimes I feel it is difficult to adequately display the true effects of family abduction. This post is the result. It is two sections devoted to those who have suffered a great deal as the direct result of parental kidnapping. The first is a memorial section to those who have died. The second is for children who were abducted after a homicide or otherwise suffered extremely while in the abductor’s care. Some are still missing in this section, and pseudonyms are used for the ones that are not dead. I have left out cases of parents killing children who were known to be missing unless the parent was formally charged with kidnapping.

In Memorium

Adam Haseeb

Adam Jordan Haseeb (November 9, 1995 – March 10, 2004): Adam was abducted by his non-custodial father on May 31, 2000 and taken to Syria. He and his father were both killed in an explosion from a gas leak.

Ronald Simmons

Ronald Jacob Simmons (October 22, 2002 – May or June 2003) : Ronald and his brother Jordan Coello were abducted by their non-custodial mother and Ronald’s non-custodial father on February 28, 2003. Jordan was located with their mother later that year, but Ronald and his father remained missing. Ronald was found to be deceased in February 2004. His father claimed he had died of natural causes in May or June. An autopsy determined this to be true; however it is not known whether he could have been saved with medical treatment.

Deirdre Crowley

Deirdre Crowley (August 11, 1995 – August 30, 2001) – Deirdre Crowley was abducted by her non-custodial father on December 4, 1999. They lived in Clonmel, Ireland until August 30, 2001, when her father received word the authorities had found them. He then shot Deirdre and committed suicide.

Lindsey Porter

Samuel Porter

Lindsey D. and Samuel G. Porter (July 13, 1995 and August 27, 1996 – June 6, 2004): Lindsey and Samuel Porter were reported missing after a visitation with their father. He told their mother varying stories and was convicted of kidnapping them before he confessed to their murder and led authorities to their bodies in September 2007. He is now serving life in prison.

Amnerys Miranda

Amnerys Miranda (June 16, 2003 – December 22, 2004): Amnerys was abducted from her foster home along with her brother Giovannie by their non-custodial parents. She was beaten to death by them on the above date. Giovannie was located alive.

Agena Battle

Aliyah Battle

Cedric Harrington

Agena and Aliyah Battle and Cedric Harrington (March 31, 2006 and June 5, 2004 – March 19, 2008): Agena and Aliyah Battle and Cedric Harrington were abducted by their non-custodial father on March 5, 2008. They were all found dead on March 19, 2008. Their father is believed to have killed them before killing himself. He was reportedly jealous of their mother’s fiancee.

Luis Cisneros

Luis Osvaldo Cisernos (July 16, 1998 – February 20, 2003): Luis was abducted along with his sister Mariana by their non-custodial mother Martha Patlan, and her boyfriend Genero Dorantes on June 18, 2002. (Two siblings, Claudia and Martha, were left behind.) Their father reported them missing but the police said the joint custody agreement they had let the mother be with the children. Luis was found murdered on February 20, 2003. His body showed signs of extensive torture. Genero Dorantes and Martha Patlan were arrested for his murder and sentenced to life in prison. Mariana was found alive on February 25, 2006.

Duncan Connolly

Jack Connolly

Duncan G. and Jack D. Connolly (October 17, 1999 and April 10, 2001 – March 30, 2009): Duncan and Jack Connolly were abducted by their non-custodial father on March 8, 2009. On March 30 they were found deceased with their father. It is believed to be a murder-suicide.

Ariana Payne

Tyler Payne

Ariana Socorro and Tyler Christopher Payne (October 18, 2002 and November 15, 2001 – September 2006): Ariana and Tyler Payne were abducted by their non-custodial father and later located in Arizona, but were not returned to their mother. They both died from starvation sometime in September 2006. Ariana’s remains were found in February 2007; Tyler’s have never been discovered.

Christopher Sanchez

Daniel Sanchez

Richard Sanchez

Christopher Leo, Daniel Isiah, and Richard Anthony Sanchez (March 8, 1999, September 6, 1992, and June 4, 1989 – August 11, 2001): Christopher, Daniel, and Richard Sanchez were abducted by their non-custodial father on August 11, 2001. There was concern for their welfare as their father had been accused of raping a family member. All four were found deceased in June 2009, inside the father’s car in a lake. Whether the cause of death was an accident or a murder/suicide cannot be determined.

Diana Alagha

Diana Marcela Alagha (August 22, 1993 – October 30, 2006): She was abducted by her non-custodial mother on July 1, 1996. In September 2009, it was learned she had died on October 30, 2006, supposedly due to an infection from a badly set broken arm. Her left-behind father is looking into this.

Mitchell Romero

Mitchell Romero (December 31, 2005 – November 5, 2009): He was abducted by his non-custodial father after the murder of his mother. They fled to Mexico and Mitchell later died in a car rollover while with an aunt and uncle. His father is still at large.

Alexander Olive

Alexander Sol Olive (May 16, 1981 – December 1985): He was abducted by his non-custodial father on November 9, 1985. His father was later located without him and was convicted of his murder. His remains have not been located.

Katelyn Rivera-Helton

Katelyn Selena Rivera-Helton (December 12, 1997 – August 10, 1999): She was abducted by her non-custodial father and murdered on the above date. Her father was convicted of her murder. but her remains have not been located.

Imran Zilic

Imran Zilic (June 2004 – April 23, 2008): He was abducted by his non-custodial father from Koondoola, Australia. His father was later located without him. His body was found in a mine shaft on May 2, 2008. His father was found not guilty of his murder by reason of insanity; his mother killed herself in June 2009.

Sophie Zanger

Sophie Zanger (March 28, 2005 – June 19, 2009): She was abducted along with her brother by their non-custodial mother, who took them from Austria to Brazil. Her father fought for their custody in Brazilian courts, but custody was awarded to an aunt instead. Sophie died in a hospital of a head injury on June 19. She was revealed to have been severely beaten and malnourished. Her father has not been able to retrieve his son from the country.

Aja Johnson

Aja Danelle Johnson (January 5, 2003 – January 24, 2010): Aja was abducted by her non-custodial stepfather, Lester Hobbs, after the murder of her mother. They were both found deceased on March 30, 2010. He had killed Aja and then himself.

Zara Abdur-Raheem

Zara Malani-Lin Abdur-Raheem (November 19, 2009 – February 16, 2010): Zara was abducted by her non-custodial father while her mother tried to get a restraining order against him. He was later found without her and confessed to throwing her in the Raritan River. Her remains were located on April 24, 2010.

Rebecca Aramburo

Rebecca Nicole Aramburo (April 4, 1992 – September 21, 2001): Rebecca was abducted at gunpoint by her non-custodial mother on August 13, 2001, in front of her grandmother’s house where her father and stepmother were dropping her off. She had previously been abducted in 1994 by her mother and was found four years later. When police tracked her mother and her boyfriend to a campsite they slit Rebecca’s throat and then attempted suicide. Her mother was convicted of her murder; her boyfriend committed suicide in jail.

Deyan Perisic

Deyan Perisic (June 8, 2000 – December 12, 2010): Deyan was abducted along with his sister Danyela by their non-custodial father on October 26, 2010. When authorities entered their hiding place on December 12, their father shot both children. Deyan was pronounced dead in the emergency room; his sister was critically injured but survived.

Georgina Ponce Novelo

Georgina Ponce Novelo (November 26, 1995 – July 3, 1997): Georgina was abducted from her mother’s Los Angeles, California home by her non-custodial father on July 2, 1997. He traveled to Mexico with her. The next day, he shot her to death as well as a cab driver he had hired. He then set the cab on fire. He was located without her and later was convicted of her murder. Her remains have never been located.

Yazmina Acar

Yazmina Acar (November 23, 2007 – November 18, 2010): Yazmina was abducted by her non-custodial father from her Melbourne, Australia home on November 18, 2010. After calling his ex-wife to tell her he was going to kill her, he stabbed her to death. He pled guilty to her murder.

Jan Rokos

Jan Rokos (December 2002 – December 9, 2007): Jan was abducted from his home in the Czech Republic by his non-custodial mother on May 25, 2007. She stated she would kill him before returning him to his father. He was found stabbed to death in the trunk of her car on December 27, 2007. She and her boyfriend were convicted of his murder.

Madeline Saaman-Fay

Madeline Layla Samaan-Fay (December 22, 2008 – August 14, 2011): Madeline was abducted by her non-custodial father from Sacramento, California on August 7, 2011, shortly after her mother received full custody of her. They were found deceased in his vehicle on August 14, 2011. Murder-suicide is suspected.

Mira Mellersh

Yaanis Mellersh

Mira Ruth Athina and Yaanis Uri Athew Per Mellersh (April 20, 2005 and July 16, 2003 – November 18, 2011): Mira and Yaanis were abducted by their non-custodial mother from Bremen, Germany on February 1, 2010. On November 18, 2011 they were found deceased in Turkey. Their mother had killed them and then committed suicide.

Eowynne Anderson

Eowynne Galadriel Anderson (April 12, 2000 – 2004): Eowynne was abducted along with her brother Giovanni and sister Gisselle by their non-custodial mother from Lynnwood, Washington on March 29, 2004. Her left behind father found out she was deceased in January 2012; she had died of heart failure in Madrid less than a year after her abduction. Her siblings were found safe a year later.

Christophe Day

Christophe Daniel Day (October 30, 1980 – 1998): Christophe was abducted by his non-custodial mother from Maryland in October 1984. He died of leukemia in 1998; a year later his father located his mother and discovered his son was dead.

Jesus Dominguez

Jesus Dominguez (November 5, 2009 – December 20, 2013): Jesus was abducted by his non-custodial father from Roswell, Georgia after the beating of his mother. They were both found deceased the next day. He had killed his son and committed suicide.

Cory Cole

Cory Samuel Cole (August 8, 2013 – January 30, 2014): Cory was abducted by his non-custodial father after an allegation of abuse was received from Pulaksi, Virginia on January 27, 2014. He was found deceased three days later, a victim of homicide.

Amber Lucius

Amber Grace Lucius (August 18, 2005 – September 2, 2014): Amber was abducted by her non-custodial mother from Millet, Alberta, Canada on August 31, 2014. She was found murdered on September 3; the cause of death has not been released. Her mother has been charged with her murder.

The Other Victims

Chance Lee Wackerhagen – abducted by his father after the murder of his father’s girlfriend. Still missing.

Jessica Vargas Biatriz – abducted by her mother during a home invasion that killed her uncle. Still missing.

Jesus Alvarado Martinez – abducted by his father after the murder of his mother. Still missing.

Danielle Idaly Jimenez – abducted by her father after the murder of her mother. Still missing.

Tonya and Yasmin Salazar – abducted by their father, who is wanted on homicide charges. Still missing.

Allyson Corrales – abducted by her father after the murder of her mother. Still missing.

Luis Miguel and Mariel Encarnacion – abducted by their father after the murder of their mother. Still missing.

MB: Abducted by his grandmother in 2004. Was found almost one year later. In that period of time his mother committed suicide believing he would not be found.

CT and JT: Abducted by their mother in 2001. Taken to Mexico. “Returned” in 2005 by their mother, who dropped them off at the Texas-Mexico border to cross over by themselves. Were found trying to tunnel under the fence with their bare hands.

IB: Abducted by her mother for one year; returned severely malnourished. Abducted a second time and kept away for four years, and was abused by a boyfriend of the mother.

YC: Abducted by mother in 2004. Two weeks after abduction mother sent child by herself to the mother’s home country, to relatives she had never met. Found by father two years later.

BE: Father abducted child after killing of his mother in 2004. Found four years later after father was killed in shootout.

MR: Abducted at gunpoint by her father in 1987. Abandoned in Mexico with relatives. Found out she was abducted many years later, online.

Jesse Griffin-Sebuliba – I have written about him here and here.

RM – abducted by her aunt and cousin and taken to Mexico in 2007. Found begging for food in ragged clothing.

MR – abducted by mother in 2001. Found in 2007 in Mexico, where he was homeless and worked shining shoes instead of going to school.

AG and HG – abducted by their mother in 2007. Found eighteen months later living in a van. They were cold, dirty, and could not remember the last time they had eaten.

RC – abducted by his mother in 2007. Found two years later hidden in a four by twelve room the height of a washing machine. He told investigators he was never allowed to go outside.

TK – abducted by his mother in 2003. When he was found eighteen months later his left-behind father had died of cancer.

SS – abducted by her mother in 2004. Her mother was later killed in a shootout resulting from a hostage situation.

FC, KC, and OC – abducted by their father in 2008 after the murder of their mother. They were found with a relative in Mexico a year later. Their father is still at large.

KL and SL – abducted by their father in 2001. Found three months later abandoned in a hotel.

NF – abducted at gunpoint in 2002 by men hired by his mother. Found in a campground two days later.

BK – abducted in 2010 by mother and three men who beat his father into unconsiousness. Found safely twelve hours later.

LS – abducted by her father and half-brother in 2000. Found two years later living in the jungle in Costa Rica with no running water, electricity, or other people nearby.

AC and ARC – abducted by their parents in 2006 after the starvation death of a younger brother. Found in 2009 living in “deplorable” conditions with grandparents.

CK – abducted by her mother in 2008. Walked through a Central American jungle for thirty-six hours straight with her mother. Brought home in 2010.

HAH and TAH – abducted by their father in 2008. Found in an orphanage in Mexico two years later.

JO – abducted by his mother in 1992 after she attempted to murder his father by poisoning. Found in Mexico in 2000.

JC – abducted by his mother in 2010. Found in 2011 living in a tent.

BB, KB, MB, and TB – abducted by their mother in 2010. Found in 2011 living in a basement.

NP and NEP – abducted by their parents from foster care in 2011. Found living in a van a week later.

TA – abducted by his mother in 2009. His father died in 2012 without ever being reunited with him.

SS – abducted by her mother and her boyfriend in 2009. Returned home from Mexico in 2012 because of the boyfriend’s abusive behavior.

SG – abducted by his mother in 2002. Found eighteen months later out of the country, unable to do math or read a clock.

JHL – abducted by his mother in 2011 shortly after she committed a homicide. Returned to his father in 2012.

HH and HYH – abducted by their father in 2009 after he killed their mother and two other people. Found the next day after police standoff with father, who committed suicide.

SS – abducted by his parents in 2009. Found in 2011 undernourished and not getting treatment for his medical condtions.

ZB – abducted by his grandparents in 2011. Found in 2013 not speaking or eating.

ST – abducted in 2006 by his mother and her boyfriend, who killed the social worker who was supervising their visit. Found several weeks later.

DM, K, ZM – abducted by mother in 1999. Found in 2006, not having attended school the whole time they were gone. Their mother had left them with an aunt some years ago.

These are of course not the only stories of interest; I will periodically update this post.

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  1. 1

    Caroline Overington: A heart-breaking, important interview | Mamamia…

    We’ve linked to you on . Could you put a link back to us?…

  2. 2

    katlin64 said,

    Dear God, this is the first time I have looked at this. These innocent babies murdered by their own parents. This is a crime that makes one want to believe in hell for such evil people. People like to believe that when parents abduct a child they will be o.k. because they are with a parent. Nothing could be further from the truth. Those who would steal a child from a loving parent have already shown that they have the mind set of a sociopath and are total narcissist. Child abuse has already occurred and perhaps not surprising, when it then escalates to murder of their own children.

    • 3

      Celeste said,

      The legal system completely failed these children. Esp in the case of Duncan and Jack Connley, Richard, Daniel, and Christopher Sanchez and Lyndsay and Sammuel Porter where they took their kids, killed them, and either hid their bodies or are rotting in jail untill they finally confess to killing. And the others whose bodies haven’t been found.
      I hope and pray that some of these kids are still alive but I doubt it. :(

  3. 4

    Karen said,

    This is heartbreaking. Why are the public and press more interested in this subject? One of the biggest risks of parentally abducted children is detachment disorder, which means they will have difficulties in bonding with their own children.

    Start doing the math, they have two children, those children have children and have detachment disorder, this is something that will spread through the generations and effect many many more people then just the mum, dad and children directly involved.

    Great research here!

    Karen from Forever Searching.

  4. 5

    I have never really thought children taken by a parent were in danger. What an eye opener !

  5. 7

    william fenwick said,

    Wow these people are sick I just spent 2 hours looking threw these and reading the stories of these poor defenseless children I hope who ever does this from today (4-27-2014) on burns and suffers in bell

  6. 8

    Anonymous said,

    How did the little boy Adam’s daddy manage to get them both blown away to Kingdom Come? Was it a suicide? And hadn’t the little girl Diana’s mama ever heard of a hospital or did she just relocate the arm at home to avoid possible detection? The toddler dying of heart failure so suddenly is most suspicious to me. Healthy children don’t just drop dead. A lot of these abductors seem like they belong on trial for much more than just child snatching!

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