Chandler, Hayden, and Rebekah Clark found safe

In somewhat relieving news, the Clark children have been found in England. Since their mother had been arrested some time before, I was concerned. Unfortunately the kids want nothing to do with their father and mom seems bewildered that she was arrested for commiting a crime. (And despite what the article says, she was never on the FBI Most Wanted list. She was on an FBI page devoted to parental kidnappers. Apparently reading the page headers is something the news media cannot do.) The new cases on the site are those of Alejandro and Maribel Orozco and Tiaj Smith.

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    Celeste said,

    You’ve got to wonder what the mother told the children about their father in the first place, because 15 years is a long time for 3 children, one of whom was a baby when she was taken, but it sounds like mom has warped the children against their dad.

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    MyOwn said,

    How come it occurs to nobody that a crime was committed by her to protect the children from him?

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      forthelost said,

      Well, if you have any evidence this happened (and not just the traditional claims of the evil abusive father™) show it to me.

      Also, the reason she lost custody was because she failed to appear at a custody hearing. If you don’t show up, you lose one hundred percent of the time.

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    KSH said,

    I saw John Clark on Dr. Phil yesterday and he took a lie detector test and he passed. I find it very disheartening that the mother pretends to be the victim. She has managed to decieve her children and brainwash them. She is not the victim. The children and the father are. She is the abusive one.

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    Beeloo said,

    John is my Uncle, my mother’s brother. Hayden, Chandler, and Rebekah are my cousins. Eileen kidnapped them for no reason and ran across the world with them. Hayden and Chandler came to New Mexico for the holidays to be with John, unfortunately I couldn’t go nor could my mother. They are very fond of him, but Rebekah is more with her mother.

    Please do not think for a second that John is capable of hurting anyone, let alone Eileen. It was a lie, of which she has many, about him to make her the victim.


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      Ron said,

      I have seen this story unfold on Dr Phil, which I do not watch often but am glad I have followed this case. I saw tonight on the show that John Clark was reunited with his 2 sons. I could only imagine the overwhelming emotions for John. Hayden and Chandler seem to be so willing to have the relationship with their father. And the look from the footage of Hayden greeting his father at the courthouse was one that brought a tear to me. It was genuine affection on Hayden’s part. You could see it on his face.
      Does anyone know how to contact via email John, Hayden or Chandler? I want to wish them the best!

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      froggytuff said,

      Hi Luke,

      Please tell your Uncle John, we share in his new found happiness. I am so glad that Chandler and Hayden took it upon themselves to contact their dad. They were very mature in handling what must be a very difficult situation.

      ps. Let your cousins know that they have inherited their good looks from their dad. They are just gorgeous!!!

      Well, even though the 15 years are lost ….there is still the future to look forward to. ie. their graduation, their engagement, marriage……grandkids…..

      My thoughts are with your Uncle John and his family.

      With love from all of us in Australia, Sydney

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    Christine said,

    I’m glad that the boys have reunited with their father and I totally understand why the daughter is reluctant to join them. I think when all the media and court stuff blows over it may be easier for her.
    I just want to say that it strikes me as odd that John raised his wifes children and if he was abusive they would be the first to say something.
    I think the mother is unbalanced and what she did is a crime. I feel for her children but she should be brought back to the US and prosecuted for abduction. She should pay for taking his children away from him. If she had any real proof of abuse it would be documented.
    I hope for the best for his family to heal. She can rot in prison for all I care.

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    Celeste said,

    I saw it too. John and his new wife welcomed Hayden and Chandler with opened arms. They had half sibilings that they weren’t aware of. I was amazed at how well John kept his composure as Hayden and Eileen were walking by him into the court house.
    I wouldn’t ever be able to keep my composure if an ex took my kids. I think that Dr Phil is right and that Rebekkah sees John and a threat to her mother. But Chandler and Hayden did say that Rebekkah doesn’t remember her dad and how Could she remember? She was a baby when Eileen took them. They hope that she’ll come around. And I think once the shock wears off she will come around.

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    Tanja Elise Holm said,

    i’ve just seen this story on dr. Phil here in norway..
    i just wonder if john or hayden have a facebook profile?

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    Tania Huntly said,

    I have just watched the update show on Dr Phil here in Melbourne Australia. I have to say how wonderful it is that Chandler & Hayden are giving their father John a second chance. Not that he needs one as he clearly had done nothing wrong, his ex-wife is evil. And god only knows what she had told the children growing up. I hope that Johns daughter will soon want to meet her father & begin some sort of relationship. I wish John & his family all the best for the future.


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    John Doe said,

    Legally the American father is the only victim in this case because his parental rights are violated. The Children are considered chattel/personal property of their father under the law, until they are 18. The mother could still go to jail for this in the United States even if the children never want to see there father again or leave the UK. The children who are now adults have no say in this, but because they are adults a family court judge can legally not make them see there father again. Family court has noting to do with children’s rights or welfare only parental rights.

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    Katina Milburn said,

    John, Chandler & Hayden are 3 amazing men!! I applaud how John has handled this and how mature the boys have been throughout the media scrutiny, etc….I thnk Eileen needs some serious mental therapy and yes in some way she should pay for her crimes…John and those kids have lost 15 years together! But, they said they have agreed to look forward and not dwell on who could have done what…I commend them for that….They have each other now, Rebekah will come around when she feels safe enough….and God Bless this wonderful family! Especially Jeanette & her kids who have welcomed Chandler & Hayden..(and eventually Rebekah)..with open, loving arms!! I see a wonderful future ahead for this family! I am so happy to hear a story of happiness in todays world….=) We need more of these happy stories!! =)

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